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Warsaw nanny is operating not only in Warsaw!


Our services are available also in:

- Poznan

- Wroclaw

- Cracow

- TRICITY (Sopot, gdansk, gdynia)


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Dear Parents, respecting your precious time, please contact us by email or phone.


We are available from Monday to Friday between 8am - 5 pm and Saturday from 8am until 2 pm. Outside the agency's working hours, please send a message.


Telephone number: +48 791 003 107


We connect family with the nanny. The parents decide about the employment conditions and settlement. We can help in this field by giving some advices and information. 

our nannies must have:




Maintaining constant contacts with the family and the nanny and getting constant feedback regarding satisfaction with arrangement. We realize that this is a different job than any other. We know that nanny will not only take care of your child but also become a part of your family so we encourage you to look for the nanny that meets your expectations not only in terms of competence but also personality.


Making an appointment with your chosen Nanny. After selecting a nanny by the client, we determine the terms of employment and also give a one-month guarantee.

The third voluntary stage is focused on acquiring higher qualifications by a nanny and  participation in trainings organized by Warsaw Nanny.



After starting the recruitment process according to your expectations (using the database of our nannies or conducting a new recruitment) we present you a potential candidates with full set of documents (a profile, references and psychological opinion).

Each of our nannies went through three-stage recruitment process consisting of an interview, collecting documentation and confirming recommendations.



The first meeting with parents, which takes place in the location chosen by you, is aimed at gathering the information we need about your needs and requirements and to establish a profile of the candidate. The quality of our services is highly important to us and we appreciate the honesty of our clients. The most important thing for us is a trust between family and nanny.


Our team consisting of a psychologist, a longtime governess, and nutrition specialists ensures the choice of a perfect nanny. In order to provide you an objective assessment of a candidate, our company has a great pleasure to cooperate with Warsaw Nanny’s psychologist.


additionally +


  • optional: additional musical or artistic skills, driving license or completed courses offered by Warsaw Nanny
  • governess
  • must have good health and current vaccinations



  • experience in childcare
  • certified qualifications
  • basic knowledge about child nutrition standards and child’s development stages





  • optimistic attitude
  • various interests
  • high level of personal culture
  • interpersonal skills



  • higher education or during studies
  • knowledge of foreign languages
  • first aid course



dear parents!



Welcome to our website. We have created it to help people looking for professional childcare.

We strive to make our services as personalized as possible and to meet all your expectations. We ensure that our nannies are trustworthy and highly qualified. They will take care of your children's safety, prepare healthy meals,  and organize creative fun - all of that with proper psychomotor development of your child in mind. We  also sustain high level of qualifications of our nannies by training them in first aid, stages of child's development, nutritional needs of children, and food preparation.

We want to help you find a nanny who will not only take care of your child but also engage in proper development of its life competencies.


Yours sincerely,

Warsaw Nanny Team




Our nannies not only pay attention to the well-being and needs of a child but also care for his/hers intellectual development. They are required to  meet strict qualifications, be reliable, committed and pass three-stage recruitment process. It is very important for us that our nannies have personal passions which will support the child's development and desire to explore the world.